Member of the BCAFM

The British Columbia Association of Farmers’ Markets  is committed to developing and strengthening the capacity of farmers’ markets in all regions of British Columbia.

Our story is one of passion – we are passionate about local food and helping markets thrive. When the BCAFM first launched as an organization, our role was to support farmers’ markets in BC and help them succeed. Over the years, we have grown to recognize that our offering extends far beyond that reach.

Farming is a powerful catalyst that transcends time and returns us to simpler days when we knew where our food came from and who tended to it. Some of us may be several generations removed from farming, yet there is something intrinsic in us all that understands what it means to live off the land. Farming is a part of our heritage.

Key areas of focus are:

  1. Providing education and training to market boards, managers and vendors;
  2. Helping promote farmers’ markets to the public and key industry stakeholders;
  3. Educating the public to choose healthy British Columbia grown agricultural products to ensure a secure food system, to reduce the carbon footprint and to ensure the viability of farming into the future;
  4. Initiating and managing research and development activities;
  5. Delivering a unified industry voice for all British Columbia farmers’ markets.

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